As a nonprofit research and consulting organization, service is part of our DNA. One of the ways our staff members enhance public policy and “give back” to the nation is by sharing their time and expertise through service to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Founded over 150 years ago, the National Academies convene interdisciplinary panels to investigate critical scientific and technological issues and challenges facing our nation, offering independent and objective advice to the government. Each panel consists of a small group of invited experts who typically hold several in-person meetings over a 15- to 18-month timespan to study the focal issue and develop a detailed report of their findings and recommendations. The HumRRO staff invited to serve on active panels include:

  • David Dorsey, Vice President, is serving on the Committee on Foreign Language Assessment for the U.S. Foreign Service Institute, which is evaluating the different approaches that exist to assess foreign language proficiency and that the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute (FSI) could potentially use to assess language proficiency (e.g., task-based or performance-based approaches, adaptive online test administration, and portfolios).
  • Cheryl Paullin, Vice President, is a member of a panel investigating Facilities Staffing Requirements for the Veterans Health Administration, which has been tasked with estimating staffing needs for engineering departments at Veterans Health Care facilities. The staffing methodology must take into account all significant parameters and variables involved in VHA Engineering Programs to yield site-specific customized staffing resource estimates.
  • Dan Putka, Principal Scientist, is serving on a panel focused on Strengthening U.S. Air Force Human Capital Management. The panel’s primary goals include specifying ways to improve person-job matching and human capital management across the Air Force; pinpointing relevant lessons learned from similar institutions, including those outside of the Department of Defense; and identifying state-of-the-art selection approaches to best meet USAF’s needs.

This work continues our long tradition of service to the National Academies through leading, serving on, and presenting to numerous panels. For example, Dr. Deirdre Knapp, Principal Scientist, has served on panels centered on teacher certification and the assessment of 21st century skills. Dr. Suzanne Tsacoumis, our President and CEO, has presented HumRRO’s work focused on the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) to two panels. Dr. Tim McGonigle, Vice President, shared a presentation focused on workforce planning with a currently active panel. Our former President and CEO, Dr. Bill Strickland, has also either led or served on several panels investigating a variety of topics related to talent management, data science, assessment, and staffing across the U.S. military and aviation sectors.