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HumRRO has a long, rich history of providing solutions to a variety of human capital, educational, training, measurement, and survey challenges. Our staff work with clients to help resolve their “people” issues and improve their human capital management. Through our research, program evaluation, and policy analysis, HumRRO has supported a wide variety of federal and state agencies as well as corporate and nonprofit organizations, and foundations. We are dedicated to excellence in everything we do, drawing on the qualities that have long contributed to our success: competence, objectivity, professionalism, character, integrity, energy, and commitment. We also are committed to understanding and meeting our clients’ needs and expectations, and developing a lasting partnership with them.

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Hiring the Right People: Upcoming Virtual Learning Event

Nov 20, 2015
Are you a talent development professional, HR professional, or hiring manager interested in improving your organization's ability to find the right hires? Then sign up for "Hiring the Right People. Getting it Right the... Read More >

Basic and Applied Research

Aug 26, 2015
For some, the word research brings to mind sterile laboratories divorced from the real world. But in reality, research is a highly creative endeavor, and the knowledge it generates helps organizations make evidence-based... Read More >

Custom Assessment Solutions

Aug 26, 2015
The best talent assessment solutions need to be flexible, efficient, and cost-effective—not to mention reliable, accurate, and legally defensible. Off-the-shelf (OTS) tests may suffice when evaluating large volumes of applicants... Read More >

Preparing for ESEA Reauthorization

Aug 25, 2015
HumRRO’s education staff is proactively preparing to respond to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) currently being considered for reauthorization. Stakeholders are predicting what the final legislation will... Read More >

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