The Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO)

HumRRO has a long, rich history of providing solutions to a variety of challenges, including human capital, educational, training, measurement, survey assessments, and more.

Our staff work with clients to help resolve their “people” issues and improve their human capital management. Through our research, program evaluation, and policy analysis, HumRRO has supported a wide variety of federal and state agencies as well as corporate and nonprofit organizations, and foundations. We are dedicated to excellence in everything we do, drawing on the qualities that have long contributed to our success: competence, objectivity, professionalism, character, integrity, energy, and commitment. We also are committed to understanding and meeting our clients’ needs and expectations, and developing a lasting partnership with them.

Latest News & Updates

  • Join HumRRO at SIOP 2022!

HumRRO Is Off to the Emerald City for SIOP 2022

April 13th, 2022|Giving Back, HumRRO News|

The 2022 Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Annual Conference being held in Seattle later this month, is highly anticipated—not only due to the excellent content planned but also because it will be the first time in two [...]

  • Two men in army fatigues looking at a government laptop

Overcoming Barriers to Make Research Impactful

April 6th, 2022|HumRRO Blogs|

Conducting impactful research that makes a difference in the real world is a career-long passion for HumRRO’s Deirdre Knapp, Ph.D., helping to explain why she was asked to be a keynote speaker at the International Military Testing Association (IMTA) [...]

  • Tiffany Day and Jackson Millard boost credentials with I.C.E. certifications

HumRRO Credentialing Experts Earn Industry Certifications

February 24th, 2022|HumRRO News|

Congratulations to Tiffany Day and Jackson Millard, HumRRO research scientists, who recently upped their credentials in credentialing. Both earned the Institute for Credentialing Excellence’s Credentialing Specialist certificate after completing courses on the eco-system of certification from conception, through its [...]

  • HumRRO’s Dan Putka Gives Back to the Profession through Service on SIOP Artificial Intelligence Task Force

HumRRO’s Dan Putka Gives Back to the Profession through Service on SIOP Artificial Intelligence Task Force

February 9th, 2022|Giving Back, HumRRO News|

Dan Putka, Ph.D., recently joined a new task force, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Based Personnel Assessment and Prediction, convened by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). The use of AI-based assessment technologies has expanded dramatically in recent years, and [...]