HumRRO has been proudly serving the National Security Community for over 60 years.

We understand that securing our country requires a world-class team of people, from military service members to civilian professionals to aspiring and senior leaders.


We have made it our mission to partner with our clients across the National Security Community to make smarter people decisions and policies. We accomplish this mission by combining our clients’ knowledge of their work with our expertise in translating the military, psychological, and decisions sciences into innovative people solutions with impact.

What we do for the National Security Community:

Contract Vehicles

HumRRO has extensive experience contracting with the National Security community.

Clients can contract with us directly or access us through the following contract vehicles:


  • COMPLETRS-II Contract for Manpower, Personnel, Leader Development, and Training Research and Studies
  • COMPTA V Manpower Personnel Training and Analysis Support
  • HR Solutions – Recruitment and Retention
  • HR Solutions – Studies and Analysis

GSA Schedules

  • GSA IT-70 Information Technology Professional Services (IT), Schedule 70
  • GSA MOBIS (874) Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS), Schedule 874
Michael Ingerick - Director, Military Personnel Research, Business Development Division

For more information, contact:

Michael Ingerick

Director, Military Personnel Research