Putting the right people in the right positions is critical for an organization’s success.

HumRRO works with each client to ensure that its hiring and promotion systems address its unique context and culture, real-world challenges and constraints, and changing requirements and needs.

HumRRO - Hiring & Promotion

Our practical hiring and promotion solutions are grounded in the science of human behavior. HumRRO is small enough to be nimble in meeting changing requirements, yet large enough to providing significant support for intense, fast-moving projects.

HumRRO - Example of Competency Modeling

Competency Modeling

Our competency modeling and job analysis expertise help clients define critical requirements for positions ranging from entry- to executive-level.

HumRRO - Assessments


Our innovative assessments include highly effective “tried and true” measures such as structured interviews, logic-based reasoning tests, and biodata inventories, as well as cutting edge media-enriched simulations, situational judgment tests, and measures of person-organization fit.

The Human Resources Research Organization

Expert Consulting

Our expert consulting services are provided by seasoned Industrial-Organizational Psychologists, many of them nationally or internationally recognized for their expertise. We provide timely, practical advice on thorny technical and implementation questions.


Commercial Business

Our work with private-sector clients ranges from development of computer-adaptive, global selection systems to short-term consultation on competency modeling best practices. We work with clients in many different sectors including consumer products and services, insurance and financial services, IT services, energy, and HR and professional services.

HumRRO Serves the Federal Government

Federal Government

Our work with federal government clients includes competency modeling studies to support a variety of human capital programs, development and validation of high-stakes selection and promotion systems, and development and implementation of assessment centers for leader selection and development. We have a long history of working with both Federal Civilian and Department of Defense (DoD) government agencies.

HumRRO Serves State & Local Government

State and Local Government

Our assessment work in the public safety sector at the state and local government level includes knowledge exams, structured interviews, and assessment center exercises, such as in-baskets, subordinate role play, real time simulations, video interactive exercise, problem analysis, community meetings, roll call, rich media simulations and more. HumRRO is a leader in the use of video-based test delivery using live actors to present test content.

Sample Interactive Assessments

HumRRO is an industry leader in developing engaging rich-media assessments designed to measure specific job-related competencies and leadership capabilities.

Our interactive assessments have been used as part of high-stakes selection programs, training efforts, as well as for self-assessment as part of career development initiatives.

Amy McKee - Director, Private Sector Talent Management

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Amy McKee

Director, Talent Management and Credentialing