Modeling & simulation provide a tool to help people understand how the elements of complex systems interact, and to plan their actions in light of this knowledge.


The output of models may be used to assess the risks inherent in a situation, and to make effective decisions in light of these risks. Further, modeling may be used to manage uncertainty, and to predict individual and group actions.

Why Use Modeling and Simulation?

HumRRO tailors modeling approaches to client needs and available information, typically focusing on individual and group judgment, choice, and decision making.

Our knowledge and understanding of predictive analytics, using Bayesian networks, has helped our clients predict the actions of leaders and identify malicious insiders in the workplace.

Using job choice modeling, we have helped the military improve the efficiency of job training classification and estimate the effects of enlistment incentives.

To help our clients reduce cyber attacks, we used system models and simulations, including dynamic psychological modeling.

Using decision conferencing, we have involved our clients in the modeling process, using their expertise to develop a model to guide their decisions.

Our expertise in job choice modeling has allowed us to develop decision support models for our clients, including the Human Capital Analysis Tool (HCAT).

Michael Ingerick - Director, Military Personnel Research, Business Development Division

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Michael Ingerick

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