HumRRO works with many different state and local government agencies, helping them design, develop, implement, and evaluate a wide range of programs.

HumRRO Serves State & Local Government

These are long-term, collaborative client relationships—many have existed for well over a decade, allowing us to truly understand the challenges our clients face: doing more with less and meeting the expectations of diverse stakeholder groups, all while helping students and employees meet the challenges of a complex and ever-changing world.

HumRRO Serves the Education Sector


Our work with state and local government clients has had wide ranging impact. In the education sector, we scale, score, and equate 250 different tests each year, ensuring that the results delivered to over 3.5 million students are accurate. We also help over 15 states design curricula, accommodate students with special needs, conduct alignment and validity studies, and develop rigorous and informative program evaluations.


Our work in the employment sector occurs in high-stakes, litigious environments, requiring a unique blend of technical expertise and rigor. For example, we have conducted job analysis, assessment development, and evaluation work for law enforcement agencies in South Carolina and Georgia, and we created and administered multiple-hurdle Civil Service selection processes for entry-level fire service personnel in two municipalities.

HumRRO Research

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