HumRRO offers expert psychometric and quality assurance services to assist clients in establishing validity and improving the quality of their programs.

Human Resource Research Organization

Quality Assurance

HumRRO conducts many types of quality assurance studies and evaluations. We conduct implementation and impact studies to determine if a program or experimental condition had the desired effect. These studies are also used to investigate the effect of intended or unintended consequences or the feasibility of a new process or procedure, such as transitioning to computer-based or computer adaptive test.

We often provide oversight of critical processes for clients, such as machine and hand scoring of assessments. In some cases, oversight requires review of specifications and documentation; in other cases, it requires independent verification and analysis.

Independent (Third-Party) Verification

HumRRO provides independent verification and quality assurance for many clients, such as replicating analyses and evaluating technical documentation and conducting alignment studies. Our team, Validity Investigation for Education & the Workplace Program (VIEW),  has a long rich history of offering reassurance about the resulting test scores.

Psychometric Services

We conduct operational and independent replication using classical and item response theory (IRT) for scaling and equating tests, regardless of testing mode or type. Our psychometric analyses are conducted to ensure that test items and scoring procedures provide accurate test scores that are consistently interpretable across years and grades. When working with computer adaptive tests, simulations are used to evaluate the pool and test reliability.

Technical Advising

Technical advice and policy recommendations concerning assessment and accountability system implementation are a natural extension of HumRRO’s psychometric research and evaluation. Our staff serves on numerous Technical Advisory Committees and Boards, such as the committee that revised the AERA/APA/NCME Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. By serving in such roles, our staff have direct input.