Founded over 70 years ago, HumRRO is a nonprofit organization with a proud tradition of solving challenging problems in the areas of human capital management, education, credentialing, policy analysis, program evaluation, and training.

We occupy a unique niche in the domain of applied research, lying between the worlds of academics and for-profit consulting firms. Our collegial, informal, and nimble work environment allows us to capitalize on our collective knowledge base and experiences to develop cost-effective solutions that work.

Our status as a nonprofit organization ensures objectivity in everything we do. With no products to sell or no shareholders to satisfy, we feel no pressure to force-fit a solution for our clients. Instead, we offer our clients specialized, custom solutions grounded in science and best practices.

Our Mission

To develop and apply state-of-the-art science and technology to improve the performance of individuals and teams within public and private sector organizations and educational institutions.

Our Values