Founded over 70 years ago, HumRRO is a nonprofit organization with a proud tradition of solving challenging problems in the areas of human capital management, education, credentialing, policy analysis, program evaluation, and training.

We occupy a unique niche in the domain of applied research, lying between the worlds of academics and for-profit consulting firms. Our collegial, informal, and nimble work environment allows us to capitalize on our collective knowledge base and experiences to develop cost-effective solutions that work.

Our status as a nonprofit organization ensures objectivity in everything we do. With no products to sell or no shareholders to satisfy, we feel no pressure to force-fit a solution for our clients. Instead, we offer our clients specialized, custom solutions grounded in science and best practices.

Our Mission

A nonprofit dedicated to measuring human capabilities and advancing assessment science and practice.

Our Core Values

HumRRO - Results


Remain a results-oriented nonprofit organization, characterized by competence, objectivity, professionalism, integrity, energy, and commitment.
HumRRO - Quality


Ensure that employees are excited, engaged in each new challenge, and bring top-notch quality to all our work.
HumRRO - Innovation


We foster a climate that encourages innovation and diligence among our staff and rewards those attributes appropriately.
HumRRO - Solutions


Focus on client solutions.
HumRRO - Integrity


Maintain high standards, and we know that our clients also expect the best from us.


HumRRO's Employee Value Proposition graphic

Highly valued employees deliver highly valuable solutions. At HumRRO, our Employee Value Proposition is a promise to our staff that enables them to focus on each client’s unique needs and challenges. We work to solve, not sell. As a nonprofit organization, we provide Meaningful Work and Recognize Excellence, fostering Employee Growth in a Supportive culture that creates a unique Sense of Belonging.

Meaningful Work icon

Meaningful Work

  • Develop fully custom solutions that address specific needs
  • Client work impacts public good
  • Evidence-based solutions
Recognizing Excellence icon

Recognize Excellence

  • Internal recognition programs
  • Nominations for professional awards
  • Opportunities to showcase creative and innovative work
Employee Growth icon

Employee Growth

  • Support for training, education, and professional development
  • Opportunities to increase responsibility and autonomy
  • Collaborate with experts in the field
Employee Support icon

Employee Support

  • Encourage work/life balance
  • Equity-focused pay and bonuses
  • Competitive benefits packages
Sense of Belonging icon

Sense of Belonging

  • Strong corporate culture and identity
  • Direct involvement in strategic initiatives
  • Active diversity and inclusion initiatives