HumRRO analysts and programmers use their expertise in modeling, statistical analysis, and programming to develop decision support models to assist clients in operationalizing decisions or setting policy.

Using decision support techniques, we are able to organize models of complex decisions into analytical tools. To assist our clients in evaluating the effect of human resources decisions, we develop decision support tools that:

  • Are custom-designed to meet client needs and interface with existing human resources systems.

  • Help clients assess the effects of different decisions.

  • Allow clients to forecast future outcomes resulting from different decisions, policies, or scenarios.

  • Perform complex analyses of human capital data efficiently.

HumRRO - Data Analytics

Using decision support techniques, HumRRO has developed a unique and powerful statistical analysis tool that allows users to efficiently perform complex analyses critical to analyzing human capital data. The Human Capital Analytics Tool (HCAT) artfully combines the capacities of three extant software applications into a single tool.

This serves as a type of “analysis multiplier,” permitting an analyst to do many times more work in a set period of time than would be the case if that analyst was to use each application separately.

In other applications of decision support for modeling, our analysts developed a proof-of-concept Decision Support Tool (DST) based on a job choice model.