Linking Talent to Work Opportunities

Organizations need engaged employees to be successful—yet to be fully engaged, individuals must feel that their skills, interests, and values match their work.

Although few would argue with this view, putting it into practice is anything but simple. Not only must organizations understand the talents needed to perform their jobs, but they also need to attract, hire, and retain employees with those talents. Beyond that, the “fit picture” is not static: the skills required by today’s dynamic work environment are constantly evolving, and employees’ talents also change and grow throughout their careers.

Asking the following questions can help organizations stay ahead of the curve:

  • Do applicants understand the opportunities we offer, and the talents those opportunities require?
  • Do we have accurate and proven ways to assess and track the skills we have available in-house?
  • Do we understand how to optimally leverage the talents of our applicants and current staff?
  • Are we able to identify and track emerging skill demands?
  • Can we identify potential gaps between our existing workforce’s skills and emerging skill demands?

HumRRO helps our clients develop the tools and systems needed to match applicant and employee talents to opportunities within the organization, and clarify where gaps exist.

At the heart of these questions are issues of fit—the match between employee talents and work demands, and the innovative tools and systems that help optimize their alignment. These tools and systems must be capable of generating insightful, actionable information that individuals and organizations can use to successfully grow together.

Some examples of our recent work include:

Assessing Individual Talent

Creating assessments to help individuals find meaningful careers, including the Occupational Information Network’s (O*NET) Work Importance Profiler and myriad person-job fit and interest measures for the U.S. Army.

Assessing Organizational Skill Gaps

Developing tools and methods to identify organization-wide skill gaps, including for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) Industry Operations Investigator workforce.

Exploring Career Options

Designing an engaging, interactive online career exploration system for exploring Federal careers that includes information on over 600 occupational
series and more than 370 Federal agencies.

What Sets Us Apart?

At HumRRO, our services are backed by decades of experience in psychological measurement, development, and evaluation of person-job and person-organization fit measures, and customized approaches to classification and matching.

This deep expertise sets us apart in several ways:

We Understand Talent

For over 60 years, we have developed valid and reliable assessments to measure a wide range of aptitudes, skills, personality traits, and interests, using methods including situational judgment tests, computer adaptive ability assessments, and innovative, interactive online simulations.

We Understand Opportunities

We know how to generate and use occupational information to help align individual talent to jobs. We recently created a new “related occupations” framework for O*NET by developing innovative similarity metrics that help people just beginning their careers as well as those looking to change jobs find occupations that match their talents.

We Understand Fit

Along with developing an engaging, online career exploration system encompassing hundreds of Federal occupations, we also helped create an innovative online assessment system that allows college students to discover majors and occupations that reflect their unique interests and aptitudes.

Several HumRRO staff—including nationally recognized Ph.D.-level industrial-organizational  (I-O) psychologists—have specialized expertise in developing the statistical algorithms that are the “heart” of systems for linking talent to work demands. Such algorithms help align individual assessment results with repositories of job, organization, and opportunity-related data. Our staff has published on human capital analytics, job analysis, and competency modeling, and person-environment fit in top tier journals in the field, and have a history of producing practical innovations in this area.

David Dorsey - Vice President, Business Development

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