Linking Talent to Work Opportunities

Organizations need engaged employees to be successful—yet to be fully engaged, individuals must feel that their skills, interests, and values match their work.

Although few would argue with this view, putting it into practice is anything but simple. Not only must organizations understand the talents needed to perform their jobs, but they also need to attract, hire, and retain employees with those talents. Beyond that, the “fit picture” is not static: the skills required by today’s dynamic work environment are constantly evolving, and employees’ talents also change and grow throughout their careers.

Asking the following questions can help organizations stay ahead of the curve:

  • Do applicants understand the opportunities we offer, and the talents those opportunities require?
  • Do we have accurate and proven ways to assess and track the skills we have available in-house?
  • Do we understand how to optimally leverage the talents of our applicants and current staff?
  • Are we able to identify and track emerging skill demands?
  • Can we identify potential gaps be