After two decades of service and stewardship, Paul R. Sackett, Ph.D., retired from HumRRO’s Board of Trustees in December. Sackett, the Beverly and Richard Fink Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota, was first elected as a trustee of the HumRRO Board in December 2003 and served as Chair from 2015 until his retirement.

Over the past 20 years, Sackett has provided guidance to multiple HumRRO CEOs and leadership to the Board as Chair as well as member of the following Board committees: Executive Committee, Investment Committee, Board Composition Committee, Nominating Committee, and Presidential Search Committee.

Suzanne Tsacoumis presented an award to Paul Sackett recognizing his 20 years of service to the HumRRO Board of Trustees.

At the December 2023 Board of Trustees meeting held at HumRRO headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, President and CEO Suzanne Tsacoumis, Ph.D., recognized and thanked Sackett for his long service and many contributions. “Paul’s legacy on the Board and at HumRRO will be felt long after his retirement,” she noted. “I greatly appreciate his calm and decisive leadership, as well as his thoughtful and unique perspective. In addition, Paul was able to curate best practices in governance and apply them at HumRRO.”

Sackett characterized his contributions to HumRRO’s Board as “subtle but meaningful,” such as changing the composition of membership to raise the proportion of trustees who are mid-career and implementing the very term limits that led to his retirement. “More than anything, I’m proud of being a good steward for this incredible organization,” he said.

Since 2004, Sackett has seen tremendous growth at HumRRO in terms of the number of staff, locations, and revenues as well as the expansion of capabilities and services. “Growth brings with it challenges and opportunities,” he noted, “but the organization’s commitment to its values and mission remains steadfast.

“HumRRO has assembled an amazingly skilled leadership team and an extraordinarily talented staff who continue to perform cutting-edge work for clients and are in the forefront in terms of applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to human resource issues.

“To me,” he concluded, “the future looks very bright, and I look forward to watching HumRRO continue to grow and thrive.”

Adrienne Fox Luscombe, Manager of Creative Services

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