Dan Putka - Principal Staff Scientist, Personnel Selection & Development Program

Principal Scientist

Over the past 15 years, Dan Putka has helped numerous organizations develop, evaluate, and implement assessments to (a) enhance their hiring and promotion processes, and (b) guide individuals to career and job opportunities that fit them well. He has also led several large-scale analytics projects to identify key drivers of employee engagement and turnover and improve personnel selection and performance management systems. Complementing his client-centered work, Dan has maintained an active presence in the industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology scientific, focusing on advancing psychometric and analytic methods that are sensitive to the demands of applied research and practice. Along these lines, he has delivered numerous presentations and invited workshops at national conferences, published over 20 book chapters and articles in top-tier journals, and serves on the editorial board of five scientific journals. Dan is a past-president of the Personnel Testing Council of Metropolitan Washington, and a fellow of the American Psychological Association and three of its divisions to include the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, APA’s Quantitative and Qualitative Methods Division, and the Society for Military Psychology.

Alexandria, VA – Corporate Headquarters

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