Job Choice

Using job choice modeling techniques, such as discrete choice modeling, HumRRO analysts and programmers have developed tools to assess the efficiency of complex human resources systems. To assist our clients in evaluating recruiting policy, we develop job choice models to test different policy decisions. Our job choice model methodologies:

  • Are custom-designed to meet client needs and interface with existing human resources systems
  • Help clients assess the effectiveness of their current or planned human resources systems
  • Allow clients to conduct what-if scenarios to compare the effect of different policy decisions

HumRRO has the discrete choice modeling and programming expertise to develop tools to assist clients in evaluating human resources systems, such as applicant selection and classification programs. We have helped the U.S. Army improve their classification system by comparing different methodologies for assigning recruits to occupations. Job choice modeling provides a key to smooth and efficient recruiting operations.

We have used discrete choice modeling to simulate human resources policy decisions under different conditions. We developed a Job Choice Model (JCM) for a client to analyze the effects of complex policy changes in recruiting. Job choice models and tools allow our clients to make decisions to meet goals or budget constraints.

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