HumRRO has awarded Ji Woon (June) Ryu with the 2021 Meredith P. Crawford Fellowship in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Ryu is a doctoral candidate in organizational behavior and human resources at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in Bloomington. Her dissertation is a set of studies focused on the intersection of technology and diversity and inclusion, and will investigate the effects of feedback provided to stigmatized individuals by artificial intelligence (AI).

Awarded annually by HumRRO since 1998, the Crawford Fellowship is one of the most coveted financial grants in the fields of human resources and organizational behavior. A doctoral candidate in I-O psychology or closely related discipline who demonstrates exceptional research skills is selected based on their research promise, academic achievement, and professional productivity. A non-renewable $12,000 stipend is provided along with the fellowship.

In recommending Ryu, the selection committee noted her six published articles at top-tier journals, including one as first author at Personnel Psychology, and multiple peer-reviewed conference presentations. Her recommendations were glowing regarding her potential in the field, and she has received several research-related awards.

Ernest O’Boyle, Ph.D., presented Ji Woon (June) Ryu with the Crawford Fellowship Award on behalf of HumRRO.

Ernest O’Boyle, Ph.D., presented Ji Woon (June) Ryu with the Crawford Fellowship Award on behalf of HumRRO.

“Receiving the Crawford Fellowship is a tremendous honor for me and really encourages me to pursue my research values, which is to conduct research that has implications for making a better society,” said Ryu.

Ryu’s experience living in two different societies—Korea and the United States—and unique perspective on diversity issues influenced her dissertation topic. “Back in Korea, where I was born and raised, I lived my life as the majority of the society,” she said. “After moving to the U.S. for my graduate study, I suddenly became a minority in this different society. My empathy for both groups sparked an interest in the structural complexity of diversity issues that may not be easily addressed through the willingness of individuals alone. Combined with my research interest in the use of novel technologies in workplaces, exploring how AI could resolve (or aggravate) predicaments of social stigma is one of my primary research streams, and my dissertation is the first step of this stream.”

A major purpose of the fellowship is to provide financial support for doctoral candidates while completing their dissertation. Recipients are required to progress satisfactorily toward completion of their dissertation and to present their research to HumRRO.

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to HumRRO and to my mentors: Ernest O’Boyle, Cristiano Guarana, Erik Gonzalez-Mule, Chris Berry, and Roshni Raveendhran,” Ryu said. “They are always there for me and believe in me even when I doubt myself.”

Applications for next year’s Meredith P. Crawford Fellowship will open April 2022.

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