HumRRO’s Business Development Division is responsible for establishing and maintaining the organization’s business development strategy, systems, and processes.

The work performed in this division focuses on developing and growing new business, as well as maintaining effective relationships with key leaders in our client base.

The business development team includes:

David Dorsey - Vice President, Business Development

David Dorsey, Ph.D. 
Vice President

Business Development

Lance Anderson, Ph.D. Director, Federal Talent Management at HumRRO

Lance Anderson, Ph.D. 

Federal Talent Management

Amy McKee - Director, Private Sector Talent Management

Amy McKee

Talent Management and Credentialing

Michael Ingerick - Director, Military Personnel Research, Business Development Division

Michael Ingerick

Military Personnel Research

Hillary Michaels - Director, Education Research & Evaluation

Hillary Michaels, Ph.D.

Education Research & Evaluation

Gavan O'Shea - Manager, Business Development

Gavan O’Shea, Ph.D.

Business Development