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Gavan O'Shea - Manager, Business Development

Business Development Team Manager
Business Development Division

Dr. Gavan O’Shea joined HumRRO in 2006 as a Senior Scientist after five years with American Institutes for Research (AIR). Since 2012, he has served in various roles within the Business Development (BD) Team, including Director of both Public and Private Sector Talent Management. As the BD Team Manager, Gavan works with the Directors to generate leads, shape and vet opportunities, build partnerships, and thoughtfully grow HumRRO’s capabilities and reach. He earned his PhD in industrial-organizational psychology from Virginia Tech, his master’s in general-experimental psychology from Villanova University, and his bachelors from St. Michael’s College in Vermont. Gavan has served in several professional association leadership roles, including serving on SIOP’s Executive Board (2020-2022) as a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) Council of Representatives.

Louisville, KY

An APA and SIOP Fellow, Gavan holds an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Along with coaching and leadership, his 20+ years of experience have involved developing and validating a variety of high-stakes assessments (including situational judgment tests, knowledge exams, and simulations) across hiring, promotion, and credentialing contexts. For example, Gavan has:

  • Partnered with several academics and an internal team at the U.S. Secret Service to create an agency-wide leadership development system (LEADS).
  • Served as technical lead for ICF’s global analysis of coaching practice, competency model update, and 2022 Credentialing Exam redesign.
  • Partnered with ICF to conduct a study of team coaching, resulting in the development and launch of the Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC).
  • Created a “day in the life” online simulation-based assessment for aspiring leaders at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
  • Led HumRRO’s contribution to developing and implementing a 360-degree feedback system for senior leaders across the U. S. Intelligence Community.
  • Led a job analysis of the Intelligence Analyst (IA) workforce at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that informed a redesign of several key IA roles.

With over 50 conference presentations, Gavan values and enjoys collaborating with the teams he is a part of to share their work. His writing appears in The Oxford Handbook of Talent Management and The SAGE Encyclopedia of Leadership Studies, along with the following HumRRO Blogs:

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