A well-designed evaluation is the only way an organization can determine if a leadership development program is achieving its intended impact, as well as pinpoint factors that hinder the program’s success and identify how it can be improved.

HumRRO’s evaluation work is guided by our Return on Learning Experience (ROLE) Model™, which addresses the following questions:

  • What contextual or “baseline” factors could impact the leadership development program?

  • How are individuals expected to grow and develop through their participation in the program?

  • How can participant growth and development be measured?

  • What are the intended “ripple effects” throughout participants’ work groups and the organization?

The Return on Learning Experience (ROLE) Model™

Return on Learning Experience (ROLE) Model™

HumRRO recently used the ROLE Model to guide our evaluation of the Defense Senior Leadership Development Program (DSLDP), the Department of Defense’s premier civilian leadership development program.