Shelly McDowell-Porter, Ph.D., is a proud, first-generation Jamaican American raised in the Bronx who has used her personal and professional background to help improve systems in the areas of mental health, education, leadership, training, diversity, equity, and inclusion. She now brings her extensive and varied experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychometrician to HumRRO as its new Assessment Design & Evaluation (ADE) program area manager, leading a team of talented industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologists.

“I’ve had an amazing career journey spanning several industries, requiring several different skills,” McDowell-Porter noted. “I never expected one company to fuse all my talents from various fields, but HumRRO proved me wrong! The company has embraced my eclectic professional background, and their diverse portfolio of projects leverages my entire skillset.”

McDowell-Porter was recently appointed to the Advisory Board of the global coaching organization, World Trade Resource (WTR). The Board is composed of highly accomplished industry leaders who hold significant experience in the areas of leadership development, diversity, equity & inclusion, inter-cultural development, and higher education.

“Joining the WTR Advisory Board is a great honor,” said McDowell-Porter. “WTR is all in on the DEI movement and its investment in social development for all people. As someone who has spent the bulk of her career as a social worker, WTR’s mission of global awareness and transformational growth for individuals and organizations is close to my heart.”

Prior to joining HumRRO, McDowell-Porter spent more than a decade managing U.S. Department of Defense-funded programs focused on psychological health services and designing sophisticated knowledge-based assessments and learning solutions for Intelligence Community professionals. She is a Certified Credentialing Specialist and Certified Change Management practitioner. McDowell-Porter earned her Ph.D. in Social Work from Howard University and will receive her MSP in I-O Psychology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) in May.

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