Congratulations to Tiffany Day and Jackson Millard, HumRRO research scientists, who recently upped their credentials in credentialing. Both earned the Institute for Credentialing Excellence’s Credentialing Specialist certificate after completing courses on the eco-system of certification from conception, through its development and delivery, to maintenance and improvement.

“I am proud to have earned the I.C.E. Credentialing Specialist certificate and be able to display and increase my knowledge of credentialing,” said Millard, research scientist in the Public Safety Program at HumRRO. “I am excited to continue to improve my skills and help clients improve their credentialing programs.”

In addition, Day, senior research scientist at HumRRO, recently passed I.C.E.’s inaugural exam for the Certified Credentialing Professional, earning the ICE-CCP designation. It demonstrates competence in professional credentialing, including governance and resources, credentialing program operations, and assessment development and validation.

“Earning the ICE-CCP designation and Credentialing Specialist certificate further enhances my credibility as a credentialing professional,” noted Day. “Not only have these certifications increased my confidence and validated my knowledge, but most important, they demonstrate to clients my commitment to service excellence, upholding industry standards, and continued professional development.”

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Adrienne Fox Luscombe, Communications & Marketing Specialist

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Adrienne Fox Luscombe

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