HumRRO is pleased to announce that it has won a five-year contract from the Defense Personnel Assessment Center (DPAC) in the Office of People Analytics (OPA) to continue its support of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) testing and Career Exploration Program (CEP).

The ASVAB and CEP are critical programs for acquiring and engaging new talent for the U.S. military—enabling the services to recruit and access hundreds of thousands of applicants each year. Equally as important, the programs introduce educational, vocational, and professional career opportunities for many disadvantaged and underserved military eligible youth. Consequently, the effective operation and continuous improvement of the ASVAB testing and CEP is vital to military readiness and to the national interest.

HumRRO distinguishes itself by providing the core capabilities necessary to perform and integrate all the services required to maintain and sustain these high-stakes, operational programs. The HumRRO team possesses specialized, multidisciplinary expertise required to advance these programs using new or emerging methods and techniques, such as data science, machine learning, social media analytics, natural language processing, educational measurement and psychology, theories of action, and validity frameworks.

Under this contract, HumRRO and its teammates will provide technical and professional expertise to support the following activities:

  • Developing, piloting, and evaluating new test items for the ASVAB.
  • Developing and updating content for the CEP.
  • Development and computer delivery of language aptitude and language proficiency tests and psychometric technical support for test development.
  • Research and development of ASVAB testing and CEP improvements.
  • Designing, developing, and maintaining software and systems for computer-based testing (CBT) selection and classification instruments, to include computerized adaptive testing (CAT) systems, across web and cloud platforms.
  • Development and maintenance of websites for program information and marketing materials.
  • Evaluation of armed forces readiness and representation of today’s youth in the armed forces.
  • Development and evaluation of recruiting-related initiatives related to selection and classification of military applicants.

“HumRRO is proud to have supported these programs for close to 30 years,” said Tim McGonigle, Ph.D., vice president of operations at HumRRO. “We are pleased that we will be continuing to support these mission-essential programs for another five years.”

Michael Ingerick - Director, Military Personnel Research, Business Development Division

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Michael Ingerick