Survey Research

Survey Research

Survey Response Analysis

HumRRO staff include mathematical psychologists and statisticians who are able to identify the most appropriate techniques to fully mine survey and other data given the client’s interests and objectives. Analytic approaches range from simple frequencies and crosstabulations to highly sophisticated multivariate statistical approaches. HumRRO has also designed user interfaces that clients can use to apply complex methods to their own data by simply entering the parameters of interest and initiating the appropriate statistical programs.

Survey Distribution

HumRRO has conducted surveys using a variety of methods, including paper-based, online, telephone, and mixed mode approaches. The choice of which method(s) to use is often driven by the nature of the respondent population. Online surveys offer the most efficient means of data collection when members of the target population are accessible through this medium and current contact information is available. HumRRO has a proprietary online survey development platform that allows us to customize surveys to meet the needs of our clients in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Survey Development

One of the most crucial steps in survey research is the creation of the instrument itself. HumRRO survey professionals work closely with our clients to carefully and thoroughly explicate the goals of the project and the information needed to meet those goals. In doing so, we stress the importance of separating out the “need to know” from the “nice to know.” For a variety of reasons, survey response rates have been falling over time.

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