Rod McCloy and Dan Putka, two of our Principal Scientists, were among the select group of I-O psychologists honored with Scientist-Practitioner Presidential Recognition Awards at the 2019 SIOP Conference. These awards, inaugurated by SIOP President Talya Bauer this year, honor those individuals whose work has had a uniquely significant and lasting impact by “aligning the interests of the practice and research communities…through practice, research, writing, and behavior and thus modeling the scientist-practitioner model.” Please join us in congratulating Rod and Dan for this very well-deserved recognition!

Rod McCloy exemplifies scientist-practitioner balance by integrating research, science, and theory into solutions for public- and private-sector clients. He disseminates his work widely through journals, book chapters, technical reports, and white papers; and demonstrates a knack for bringing diverse research teams together to solve applied challenges. His work has involved personnel selection; job performance theory and measurement; career exploration/readiness; and statistics, psychometrics, and research methods. His experience with assessment and testing has spanned both cognitive and non-cognitive domains, and he has served as an adjunct professor at two universities.

Dan Putka was recognized for his ongoing efforts to bridge I-O psychology science and practice. For example, Dan has spent his career helping private and public sector organizations develop scientifically sound assessments for hiring, promotion, and career exploration. He has conducted large-scale studies that have informed policy with respect to key personnel decisions and issues. Complementing his client-centered work, he maintains an active presence in the I-O scientific community, having extensively published and presented on variety of methodological topics that address the complexity and nuances of analytic and psychometric work in practice.