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HumRRO's New President and CEO

HumRRO's New President and CEO

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Dr. Suzanne Tsacoumis

Dr. Suzanne Tsacoumis Named New HumRRO President and CEO

HumRRO is honored and excited to welcome Dr. Suzanne Tsacoumis as our new President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Suzanne will usher in a new leadership era and assume her new role effective July 2, 2018. HumRRO’s Board of Trustees took special care in selecting a new CEO, and the board believed that Suzanne was an ideal candidate.

As stated by HumRRO’s Board Chair, Dr. Paul Sackett,

Suzanne was an ideal choice for President. We sought a candidate that would honor HumRRO’s rich past while helping to lead us effectively into the future.

Following the retirement of Dr. William (Bill) Strickland, Suzanne will become HumRRO’s 7th President.

Suzanne has been on staff at HumRRO for over 30 years. She previously served as a corporate officer and HumRRO’s Vice President of Business Development. In this role, she provided leadership and direction to the business development and marketing team and was a lead innovator in transforming HumRRO’s approach to business development. Because of Suzanne’s vision, strategy, and execution, HumRRO is postured strategically to take on an ever-changing applied research and consulting landscape.

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