Congratulations to Drs. Dan Putka, Adam Beatty, and Matthew Reeder for receiving the 2018 Organizational Research Methods Best Paper of the Year Award! Their article titled “Modern Prediction Methods: New Perspectives on a Common Problem” illustrates how the predictive power of methods rooted in machine learning (ML) can outperform those commonly used in human capital practice, including traditional regression-based approaches. By framing their arguments in nonmathematical terms and including an empirical example involving the prediction of leader performance, the authors seek to raise awareness among organizational researchers and practitioners of the clear benefits of using modern methods. The article can be found here:

ORM is the premier methodology-focused journal in the fields of industrial-organizational psychology and management, and the HumRRO team’s article was chosen as the top paper out of all 35 articles published in 2018. ORM Editorial Board members were first asked to nominate their three favorite articles from among those published in 2018.  Next, the ORM Editor-in-Chief identified the top set of papers from the first round of nominations and distributed the top nominees back to the Board for a final voting round of voting. The award, sponsored by the Academy of Management’s Research Methods Division and Sage Publications, was presented at the 2019 Academy of Management Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.