We are very happy to share the news that Dr. Andrea Sinclair will be offering an invited talk at a workshop focused on Game-Based Assessment. The two-day workshop, sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), is intended to stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration and generate a roadmap for future research around how game-based assessments (GBAs) can be optimally designed, scored, and deployed.

Andrea’s presentation, titled Developing games to measure personality—it’s not all fun and games!, will highlight how a HumRRO-led team of practitioners, academics, and game-developers worked over a three-year period to create computer-administered GBAs that measure facets of conscientiousness. Andrea will discuss how game-based methods may offer a way of assessing personality that reduces the impact of faking and share the challenges experienced, pitfalls encountered, and lessons learned throughout the assessment development process.

For more information about this work, please contact Dr. Andrea Sinclair.

To learn more about the workshop, please visit http://gbaworkshop.tntlab.org/.