Application Submission Procedures

I see the application deadline and am wondering if that means I need to have my application postmarked by that date or in your hands physically by that date?

  • It means that HumRRO must have in hand a complete application package for each applicant no later than the specified deadline. That is, all application materials must reach HumRRO on or by the application deadline date.

May I mail in some portions of my application and submit other portions electronically?

  • Yes. However, we prefer electronic submission of all materials. If portions are mailed, complete application packages must arrive to HumRRO on or before the deadline. We prefer official transcripts to be either be sent through a secure electronic portal or mailed in sealed envelopes, if possible.

May I submit portions of my application at separate times?

  • Yes. However, complete application packages must arrive to HumRRO on or before the deadline.

I realize it is after the deadline, but I just saw your advertisement. Is it too late to apply?

  • If it is after our deadline, then it is too late to apply for the summer internship. We encourage you to apply next year if you will still be an enrolled student at that time. You also may want to check the SIOP website for suggestions of other companies that offer internships.

Applicant Eligibility

Am I considered to be “currently enrolled” in my graduate program if my program does not offer classes during the summer or if I do not take summer credits?

  • Yes, as long as you plan to continue your post-graduate education after this internship experience.

I am graduating in May and will not be completing any more classes. Am I eligible for the internship?

  • If you are completing your education prior to the internship, you are not eligible. However, if you are planning to continue your education (e.g., graduating from a terminal Master’s program in the spring but planning to pursue a PhD in the future; continuing to work on your dissertation after the internship), you are eligible.

I’m an international student; will you consider my application?

  • Yes. We have had international students in the past as interns. As you know, extra paperwork is involved and you must meet requirements to work in the United States. HumRRO is an Equal Opportunity Employer. HumRRO recruits, hires, and promotes for all job classifications without regard to race/ethnicity, age, color, gender, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status, medical condition, or disability, except where a bona fide occupational qualification exists.

Application Package


Should I submit a curriculum vitae (CV) or a resume; or should I send both?

  • You should send either a detailed resume or your CV, but it is to your benefit to send the version that has the most information.


Do I need to send a transcript from my previous graduate work from another program?

  • Yes. We expect a graduate transcript from each program/institution where you have taken graduate coursework, even when the past graduate work is in an area outside I-O Psychology/Education Measurement or related fields.

Do you want me to include my undergraduate transcript?

  • No. We only require graduate transcripts.

What if I can’t get you an official copy of my transcript by the deadline?

  • We will accept an unofficial version(s) for consideration of your application, but make sure to arrange for delivery of official transcripts as soon as possible.

Where should I send my transcript?

  • If possible, please submit your transcript electronically to [email protected]. If you are unable to send your official transcript electronically, please mail it to HumRRO:
    Jessica Terner

    66 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 700

    Alexandria, Virginia 22314-1578

Personal Statement

I understand that applicants must discuss both career goals and internship interests in the personal statement. What do “internship interests” refer to?

  • We want to understand what you are looking for in an internship and what you hope to gain from the experience at HumRRO. Therefore, internship interests may include a variety of things such as your goals for the internship, the types of projects you would like to work on, staff with whom you would like to work, knowledge/skills you would like to develop, and so forth.


When you request references, do you mean you want me to send in letters of recommendation?

  • No. We only need the contact information (name, title, address, phone number, and e-mail address) for two references.

May I send in letters of recommendation even though they are not requested?

  • No, we will not consider letters of recommendation.

Internship Details

When does your internship start and end?

  • The dates vary slightly based on the student’s availability. Traditionally, the start date is between mid-May and the beginning of June and the end date is usually mid-to-late August or early September. Although there is flexibility in the start and end dates, longer internships (e.g., 3 to 4 months) are of greater mutual value than shorter internships (e.g., 2 months).

What specific projects will I work on as an intern this summer?

  • Specific project assignments are not typically known until closer to the internship start date. This is due to factors such as the contractual nature of our work, the student’s ability in relation to the available projects, and the timing of current projects. However, typically our interns work on an interesting variety of different projects and find the experience to be very rewarding.

What HumRRO program areas am I most likely to support during the internship?

  • Interns will have an opportunity to assist researchers in a variety of our program areas (typically 3 or 4 program areas), but the most common I-O psychology related program areas that interns support are Personnel Selection and Development (PSD), Assessment Research and Analysis (ARA) and the Talent Assessment & Analytics Program.
  • Education Measurement interns typically support the Educational Policy Impact Center (EPIC) and/or Validity Investigation for Education & the Workplace (VIEW) program areas.

Do interns lead the projects they work on or do they play more of a supporting role?

  • Interns play a supporting role and will not direct a project. However, interns may be responsible for certain parts of projects. Some of the level of responsibility depends on the timeline of the projects, the type of work we have available during the summer, and the abilities and experience of the intern. Also, many of our projects are of a duration that is longer than the 3-month internship so interns may not be involved in a project from start to finish; however, we aim for that opportunity when possible.

Where is the internship position located?

  • The internships can be located at HumRRO’s Corporate Headquarters in Alexandria, VA or in a remote office depending on the available work. The Education Measurement internship is typically located in our Louisville, KY office.

What benefits are provided?

  • Interns receive an hourly salary, paid vacation days, and a housing stipend.

Characteristics of Strong Applicants/Applications

The job requirement says the candidate has to have strong technical skills. What specific technical skills are you referring to?

  • In external consulting, “technical skills” generally refers to demonstrating an ability to conduct research. Specifically, we are looking for applicants who have a strong background in research methods and have some experience conducting research (e.g., as part of a research team, independent project, applied project, thesis). Strong applicants demonstrate that they are capable of basic research activities, such as writing literature reviews, collecting data, analyzing data, working as part of a team, managing their time, and showing initiative. We don’t expect internship applicants to have experience conducting all of the types of research that we conduct. Interns will get hands-on experience during the internship by contributing to our applied projects.

What are the characteristics of a strong application package?

  • Our internship is extremely competitive (often with a ratio of 40- 70 applicants per position), so we use stringent criteria to narrow down our list of candidates to a manageable number for the interview stage of the selection process. We offer the following suggestions based on strong applications we have received in the past.
    • Prepare your materials in an organized and logical manner.
    • Proofread your application package for errors in spelling, grammar, and syntax.
    • Demonstrate a clear interest in working with us and thoughtfully consider the mutual fit between yourself and our company.
    • Clearly demonstrate your ability to conduct research independently and/or as part of a team.
    • Err on the side of inclusion when discussing your academic and applied research experiences. If your graduate-level experiences are limited, be sure to also describe your undergraduate research experiences (e.g., honor’s thesis, research team) and/or class projects that involved applied research (e.g., job analysis or test development project).
    • If it is not apparent on your transcript, it is often helpful to include a summary of your relevant experience and coursework on your resume. Some course titles are vague on transcripts.
    • On your resume/CV, list the statistical/computer packages you have used.
    • Include your memberships in professional associations on your resume/CV.
    • Include any awards/honors and professional service on your resume/CV.