HumRRO emerged from the pandemic in 2021 stronger and more agile than ever. It is fitting that the year also marked HumRRO’s 70th anniversary. Our longevity is a testament to our ability to adapt to changing times, overcome cyclical market and economic challenges, and thrive through innovative solutions that make us industry leaders and highly sought-after partners.

Our strategic growth has been sustained through referral and repeat business but also by acquiring new business. We are entrusted by our clients to help solve their most complex, pressing challenges in talent management, assessment, leadership and career development, credentialing services, and program evaluation, using the latest innovations in applied research and analytics.

Increasingly, those solutions involve cutting-edge techniques in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, such as natural language processing, automated item generation, among others. At HumRRO, we continue to pave the way for AI to enhance efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of validity.

HumRRO is the gold standard of excellence and innovation. HumRRO has been a pleasure to work with and their services are phenomenal. Particularly, the process through which their items are developed demonstrates their attention to detail and inclusivity of people. I’ve enjoyed working with the HumRRO team!

— Jewel McLaughlin, Ph.D., Program Manager at the U.S. Department of State

Due to our unique expertise and varied client base, our highly skilled research scientists work collaboratively to share new approaches across our lines of business—to the benefit of our diverse client base and our employees’ professional development. We exchange ideas through innovation showcases and celebrate the impact of our client work.

Because of our nonprofit status, we are able to focus on the work—not profits—and our ability to provide solutions with the utmost integrity. We evaluate the extent of our impact through our Contributions to Society, Science, and the Profession, and we are pleased to demonstrate how in this 2021-2022 Biennial Report.

  • We Contribute to Society by helping organizations hire and develop the right people, helping workers and students find their best career path, ensuring assessment tools are validated and implemented fairly, and evaluating programs for accountability.
  • We Contribute to Science by sharing our research and expertise through the publishing numerous articles and studies in academic journals and delivering presentations at conferences.
  • We Contribute to the Profession by sharing our time, talent, and expertise with many different professional organizations, and our staff are often recognized for their service.

This spirit of Giving Back is a key part of Who We Are. We do that by volunteering in the communities where we’re located and by mentoring and sponsoring internships for high school and graduate students.

“Our staff continues to amaze—rising to the challenge of our extraordinary growth while remaining at the forefront of I-O psychology and psychometric methods,” said David Dorsey, Ph.D., Vice President of Business Development at HumRRO. “Our Biennial Report highlights these achievements and how we have contributed to society through the impact of our client work; advanced science through the contributions of our research; and elevated the profession through our volunteer work. We look forward to making even more of an impact in the future.”

Adrienne Fox Luscombe, Manager of Creative Services

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Adrienne Fox Luscombe

Manager, Creative Services