HumRRO - Growth

Interested in taking your credentialing program to the next level?

HumRRO has successfully transitioned many programs.
We carefully audit existing program features, while collaborating closely with our clients to maintain the integrity of the program and minimize the growing pains that come with any change process.

Our Services:

Program Evaluation

Assessing the range or a subset of credentialing program processes to identify strengths, weaknesses, and ways to improve or grow programs.

Test Development

Applying best practices and industry standards to create a variety of item types (such as multiple-choice, constructed response, and performance-based) and to ensure that assessments are appropriate, valid, and accessible.

Psychometric Analysis

Assessing the reliability of tests, test items, and scoring standards; applying classical test theory and item response theory.

Standard Setting

Using criterion-referenced cut-score methods to ensure that passing standards accurately reflect the level of performance commensurate with the credential’s purpose.

Item Banking

Flexible and user-friendly item banking software that stores traditional and innovative item formats and hundreds of types of meta-data regarding content, development, and administration.

HumRRO has a cadre of industry partners, allowing us to provide a full suite of services.
These partners provide:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Marketing and public relations strategy
  • Test delivery
  • Accommodations counsel
  • Test translation and localization
  • Applicant management