President’s Office

Suzanne Tsacoumis - President

Suzanne Tsacoumis, Ph.D.
President and CEO

Dr. Suzanne Tsacoumis is HumRRO’s 7th President. In addition to her responsibilities associated with providing strategic leadership, Suzanne has built her professional career conducting, managing, and consulting on projects associated with the research, development, and implementation of personnel assessment and human capital systems, often in litigious environments. Her expertise revolves around job analysis, selection, promotion, and leadership assessment. She has spearheaded innovative work in the development of rich-media simulations for use in both promotion and self-assessment processes and she often consults on a range of policy and implementation issues. Suzanne has held several leadership roles within the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and she is a fellow of SIOP and the American Psychological Association (APA).

Executive Secretary: Jamie M. Thomas

Talent Management & Analytics

HumRRO’s Talent Management and Analytics Division helps organizations and professional associations identify and evaluate human talent requirements necessary to achieve their mission and goals. We do this by applying behavioral science, psychological measurement principles, advanced statistical and modeling techniques, and custom software applications. We identify the knowledge and skills needed in a specific job, an entire workforce, or an entire profession through job or practice analysis, competency modeling, and ergonomic studies. We develop and validate behavioral, knowledge-based, and physical ability assessments, as well as decision support tools, that our clients use for many different purposes, including pre-employment screening, promotion processes, continuing fitness assessments, credentialing (certification and licensure), organizational or job fit, career pathing, and to inform policies.

Strategic Human Capital Management Program

Tim McGonigle - Manager, Strategic Human Capital Program

The Strategic Human Capital Management Program (SHCM) helps organizations improve the quality of their human resource management systems and the application of human capital. Some of our services include: alignment of human resources policies for an organization mission; studies, reviews, and market pay surveys; identifying human capital gaps; and conducting program evaluations.

Personnel Selection & Development Program

Deborah Whetzel, - Manager, Personnel Selection & Development Program

The mission of the Personnel Selection and Development Program apply psychological principles and practices, conduct analyses and consults implementations for assessment systems of personnel practices.

Talent Assessment & Analytics Program

TAAP’s mission is to provide evidence-based assessment and analytic solutions to meet customers’ human capital needs. Our staff is composed of consultant researchers with deep expertise in occupational analysis, assessment development, and statistical analysis, providing support across HumRRO’s lines of business.

Software Engineering Group

Vasileios Papadimitriou - Manager, Software Engineering Group

The Software Engineering Group (SEG) is part of the Talent Management & Analytics Division. SEG provides custom web-based software development for data collection projects, maintains cloud infrastructure, and supports corporate applications.

Assessment and Evaluation & Education in the Workplace

The Assessment and Evaluation in Education & the Workplace (AEW) Division collaborates with and provides consulting services and professional support to schools, districts, and other clients in public, private, and nonprofit organizations and the military. Much of the work within the AEW Division involves a variety of methodologies, including qualitative techniques, statistical analyses, and survey design and implementation.

Assessment Research & Analysis Program

Laura Ford - Program Manager, Assessment Research & Analysis Program

The Assessment Research and Analysis (ARA) Program is composed of scientists who apply psychological theory and analytic methods to research, design, develop, and validate tests and assessments used in employment, education, certification, and the military. We also generate technical solutions for client needs through advanced statistical applications and large-scale database management.

Center for Personnel Policy Analysis

Peter Ramsberger - Manager, Center for Personnel Policy Analysis

The mission of the Center for Personnel Policy Analysis is to examine the impact of personnel decisions, policies, and programs on individuals, groups, organizations, and society as a whole. This includes a specific focus on test development and validation, computerized adaptive testing, and manpower personnel policy research. Through the application of state-of-the-art research methodologies and analytic techniques, the Center’s work sheds light on issues such as fairness, equity, employee satisfaction and productivity, and retention.

Educational Policy Impact Center

The mission of the Educational Policy Impact Center (EPIC) is to advance the field of education through research concerning the science and art of instruction, measurement, and the analysis and development of educational practice and policy.

Validity Investigation for Education and the Workplace Program

Andrea Sinclair - Manager, Validity Investigations in Education and the Workplace

HumRRO’s VIEW Program performs a variety of validity investigations designed to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our key drivers of success include accuracy verification of assessments, item quality studies, test bias or differential impact studies, construct & criterion validation studies, consequential validity studies, alternate assessment studies, developing theories of action, and special studies.

Business Development

David Dorsey - Vice President, Business Development

David Dorsey, Ph.D. 
Vice President

HumRRO’s Business Development Division is responsible for establishing and maintaining the organization’s business development strategy, systems, and processes. The work performed in this division focuses on developing and growing new business, as well as maintaining effective relationships with key leaders in our client base.

Creative Services Group

Gavan O'Shea - Director, Private Sector Talent Management

The Creative Services Group (CSG) is part of the Business Development Division. CSG provides multimedia graphic and web design services for corporate applications and for HumRRO’s clients.

Business Affairs

Kirk Abriola - Chief Financial Officer

Kirk Abriola 
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Abriola is HumRRO’s Chief Financial Officer and Director of the Business Affairs Division. He has more than 30 years of experience in government contracting, finance and non-profit organization. He has previously served in a wide variety of roles. Several highlighted roles include serving as a CFO for a multi-entity Alaskan Native Corporation where he was responsible for the finance and contracts shared services. Kirk was a Senior Government Contracting Consultant with Cherry Bekart LLP, where he focused his practice on delivering advisory services to clients in support of the complexities that come with federal contracting.  Prior to that he served in a senior financial management role with Population Services International, a nonprofit social marketing organization operating in more than 50 countries.   Kirk also previously worked with Deltek as a Software Designer specializing in the government contracting industry. He received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the Pennsylvania State University and is a CPA in the District of Columbia.