Monica Gribben, Ph.D. - Senior Staff Scientist

Senior Staff Scientist

Monica Gribben, Ph.D., is a Senior Staff Scientist specializing in assessment and evaluation. She has more than 30 years of applied research experience in support of education and program evaluation, policy analysis, workforce representation, and other applied human resources issues. She has conducted evaluations to measure the quality of assessment and accountability systems and education programs. In her evaluation and research work, she has developed a variety of data gathering instruments and has conducted workshops, focus groups, expert panels, and interviews. Dr. Gribben is currently the project manager of an evaluation of grant-funded biomedical resource centers. She supports the development and updating of validity arguments for assessments used by the military services for selection and classification. Recently, she assisted the National Assessment Governing Board in developing a framework of postsecondary preparedness metrics. Dr. Gribben holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology from George Mason University.

Alexandria, VA – Corporate Headquarters

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