Joe Greer, Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Joe Greer serves as HumRRO’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and is responsible for all company technology and technological resources associated with both internal and client-facing systems. Immediately prior to joining HumRRO, Greer was a member of the National Security Agency’s Senior Executive Service, serving for over a decade as a Senior Technical Leader. During his service in the intelligence community, Greer successfully led major mission and business system IT transformations and was responsible for mission critical IT operations delivering around-the-clock capabilities worldwide.

In addition, Greer has many years of private industry senior technical and leadership experience, delivering both scientific and business IT solutions for the commercial, federal civil, and Department of Defense sectors. He previously served as CTO for both Fortune 100 and business unit level organizations of Fortune 500 corporations.

As a technical consultant, educator, software architect and software developer, Greer has traveled the world, working onsite with well-known international companies designing, building, and deploying a range of IT solutions from anti-sway controls for container ship loading cranes to enterprise class business systems. His expertise includes cloud and high-performance computing, big data analytics and decision-making, workflow automation, business intelligence, and master data management as well as the design, operations, and optimization of highly accessible and performant IT systems. Greer’s educational background includes degrees in mathematics and chemistry, as well as numerous technical certifications.

Alexandria, VA – Corporate Headquarters

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