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Validity Investigation for Education and the Workplace Program (VIEW)

Validity Investigation for Education and the Workplace Program (VIEW)

HumRRO's VIEW Program performs a variety of validity investigations designed to meet our clients' specific needs.

  • Accuracy Verification of Assessments including scoring accuracy and reliability investigations, and quality assurance studies of psychometric processing (parameter estimation, scaling, equating, and production of scoring tables). VIEW independently replicates testing companies' procedures as a safeguard against errors.
  • Item Quality Studies including studies of the alignment of test items to content standards, adherence to Universal Design principles, bias review, item quality review (quality of distracters, readability of prompts, etc.), and differential functioning of items for subgroups of test-takers.
  • Test Bias or Differential Impact Studies including estimations of achievement gaps among various tested groups, estimations of gap closure or widening, investigations of the existence and magnitude of differential impact.
  • Construct and Criterion Validation Studies correlating one assessment with another (convergent/discriminant validity), linking assessment scores with other variables (e.g., grades, college admittance, job success), and linking assessment scores with curricular and instructional variables.
  • Consequential Validity Studies investigating the intended and unintended consequences of assessments or programs, often accompanied by focus groups, interviews surveys, etc., with various stakeholders.
  • Alternate Assessment Studies similar studies to those listed above, but targeted specifically toward assessments for those unable to take regular, non-accommodated assessments.
  • Developing Theories of Action assisting clients in articulating the objectives of their assessments and programs and identifying the claims that need to be investigated and substantiated to obtain those objectives. Using the Theory of Action as the guiding framework, we design and conduct studies to address gaps in evidence to support the claims in the Theory of Action.
  • Special Studies VIEW designs studies to respond to our clients' specific validity questions in reasoned and innovative ways. Some of our special studies include evaluating the impact of teacher training programs, investigating the validity of teacher credentialing programs, and identifying predictors of college- and career-readiness.

Program Manager - Dr. Andrea Sinclair

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