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Assessment and Evaluation in Education & the Workplace Division

Assessment and Evaluation in Education & the Workplace Division

The Assessment and Evaluation in Education & the Workplace (AEW) Division collaborates with and provides consulting services and professional support to schools, districts, and other clients in public (federal, state, and local), private, and nonprofit organizations and the military. Much of the work within the AEW Division involves a variety of methodologies, including qualitative techniques, statistical analyses, and survey design and implementation. We apply state-of-the-art qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation techniques to assess the intended and unintended impacts of education and personnel policies, practices, and programs. We provide evidence to support our clients’ decisions by examining item and test quality; conducting psychometric analyses and quality assurance for large-scale testing programs; and validating assessments used for a variety of purposes (e.g., high school graduation, employee selection and promotion). We also identify occupational tasks and required knowledge, skills, and abilities; design and develop assessments; and create resources to facilitate career development.

The AEW Division is comprised of education and measurement researchers, a multidisciplinary collection of psychologists (industrial-organizational, experimental, and social), psychometricians, statisticians, and database management experts. Click on the program areas shown in this organizational chart to read highlights of research conducted within the AEW Division, staff capabilities, and sample projects.

Vice President - Dr. Deirdre J. Knapp

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