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Update on Rich-Media Simulations

Update on Rich-Media Simulations

Rich-Media Simulations

Our very own Suzanne Tsacoumis will provide an update of the use of interactive, rich-media (animation or live video) technology to assess one’s competencies in her talk Current State of High Stakes Rich-Media Simulations on June 15th. Her presentation is a workshop for the Personnel Testing Council of Metropolitan Washington (PTC/MW). Rich-media simulations are slowly growing in popularity, but our knowledge about the true measurement properties of these assessments is still in its infancy. During this workshop, Suzanne will share practical strategies for developing assessments that capitalize on these innovations which adhering to sound measurement principles. She will discuss best practices, information about the psychometric properties associated with these measures, and the current thinking regarding the different available media options, such as live video, 2-D and 3-D animation. Participants should obtain a better understanding of which assessment contexts are well-suited to a rich-media solution. They should also gain a better understanding of how to create or acquire assessments that leverage this cutting edge technology, yet are built upon a sound measurement foundation. Suzanne will also discuss the constraints and challenges inherent in these types of assessments.

Sign up to attend her talk at http://www.ptcmw.org/event-2260167.

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