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Expert Measurement and Analytic Support

Expert Measurement and Analytic Support

Expert Measurement and Analytic Support

Rich technical expertise and deep bench strength allow HumRRO to formulate unique and creative approaches to thorny measurement challenges. Using sophisticated statistical procedures, our methodologists address myriad policy and research questions for a broad range of clients. Our technical solutions coupled with a deep understanding of the environment, constraints, and vision of our client organizations allow us to work in partnership to create effective programs and assessments, along with meaningful action items.

Supporting Decision-Making With Human Capital Data

Senior leaders demand ready access to information about factors that drive business success. In response, we developed an innovative, automated, interactive tool that produces human capital metrics that leaders can use to inform critical business decisions. The tool integrates three types of extant software packages (general statistical, structural equation modeling, and spreadsheet) to conduct requisite analyses while providing a graphical interface for the user. HumRRO staff are well-versed in identifying the appropriate analyses, given the questions organizational leaders are seeking to answer. We also offer targeted insight to leaders to help facilitate effective actions in light of the analytic results.

Matching People To Jobs

In this dynamic economy, many people are seeking new career opportunities – either out of necessity or to enhance their careers. We have developed an intricate algorithm that serves as the foundation for career exploration tools that link people to occupations in the U.S. economy. Using personal characteristics such as personality traits, interests, and work styles, we applied statistical techniques such as latent class analysis, cluster analysis, and profile matching equations to effectively match people to jobs. Ultimately, this tool enhances one’s ability to conduct directed job searches and identify realistic career opportunities to explore.

Creating Computerized Adaptive Tests

Personnel testing can be quite valuable to organizations, but testing time is at a premium. Computerized adaptive tests (CATs) offer a powerful approach to effectively and efficiently determine an individual’s ability by using a statistical algorithm to select and present only the specific test items required for assessment. HumRRO has developed CATs for over 30 years supporting the CAT version of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (CAT-ASVAB) for the Department of Defense and creating online adaptive tests for use as personnel screens for two Fortune 50 companies. Our work extends to multi-stage testing (MST) designs for use with passage-based items. Given this background, we offer the quantitative expertise needed to develop a valid adaptive test, as well as the computer-based platform and CAT engine for delivering these types of assessments.

Ensuring Accuracy in Educational Testing Programs

For nearly two decades, school systems throughout the United States have been required to administer annual state-wide tests of student achievement to inform decisions about school and student success. The complexity of the testing programs and the associated high-stakes decision-making processes lead these testing programs to exist in a contentious environment that leaves no room for anything but the highest standard of excellence. HumRRO’s psychometric experts have carved out a role as the nation’s quality assurance vendor of choice. Over the last two decades, we have verified psychometric computations and validated students’ state test scores for programs in over two dozen states. In addition, we scale and equate 150 tests that impact over 15 million students a year.

HumRRO’s proven quantitative and methodological expertise has broad applicability as evidenced by the diversity of our work. We are recognized for our integrity, practicality, and scientifically rigorous work. And it is these qualities that allow clients to have confidence in our contributions to their high-stakes programs. In addition, our research-based opinions are sought because of the depth and breadth with which we approach questions about quality and for our creative suggestions for improving the ultimate products and services.

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