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Can Bullies Be Good Leaders?

Can Bullies Be Good Leaders?

Can bullies be good leaders

The Dark Side of Using Assessment Centers in Leader Selection

Assessment centers are considered one of the premier manager selection tools, but in research conducted by Dr. Colby Kennedy and coauthor Dr. Brian Hoffman they found that assessment centers may have a blind spot for candidates high in dark personality traits like narcissism and psychopathy. They studied managers at a Fortune 100 company over the course of several years. Their results indicate that individuals high in dark traits associated with manipulation and egocentrism tend to be rated as more competent in assessment centers. They also found that the assessment center scores for these individuals are less predictive of their job performance. The authors explore the implications for assessment design and use of assessments in selection systems. The authors are sharing the results of this study at the upcoming annual conference for the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology, being held in Orlando, FL on April 27-29.

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