Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation

Decision Support

HumRRO analysts and programmers use their expertise in modeling, statistical analysis, and programming to develop decision support models to assist clients in operationalizing decisions or setting policy. Using decision support techniques, we are able to organize models of complex decisions into analytical tools. To assist our clients in evaluating the effect of human resources decisions, we develop decision support tools that:

Decision Conferencing

Decision conferencing is a procedure for developing models quickly, based on the knowledge and expertise of decision makers and subject matter experts. In decision conferencing, HumRRO modeling staff meet with clients or designated individuals to structure the problem to be modeled, identify and define relevant variables, and elicit critical information, develop an appropriate model, and recommend the most effective course of action to take, based on the results of the model. A model may be completed over the course of a one or two day meeting. The decision conferencing methodology:

Job Choice

Using job choice modeling techniques, such as discrete choice modeling, HumRRO analysts and programmers have developed tools to assess the efficiency of complex human resources systems. To assist our clients in evaluating recruiting policy, we develop job choice models to test different policy decisions. Our job choice model methodologies:

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