Hiring and Promotion

Hiring and Promotion

Expert Consulting

HumRRO has extensive experience with high-stakes testing in the employment, credentialing, and student testing arenas. Often our work is performed in a litigious environment. We may help a client fulfill the terms of a legal settlement, work with external experts and technical advisors, or review existing work to evaluate compliance with professional standards and guidelines. We also provide practical, expert advice in the arena of job analysis and competency modeling, helping clients build a firm foundation for their HR programs.


Bad employment decisions can have severe consequences, ranging from the cost of finding replacements to dealing with the public relations or legal consequences associated with employee malfeasance. It is worth the investment to base hiring and promotion decisions on accurate, objective, and complete information about candidates.

Competency Modeling

Are your pre-employment screening procedures targeting the right competencies? Where are your current and future skill gaps, and how do you know which ones are most critical? What competencies are needed for your future leaders? A good competency model accurately addresses each of these questions. Competencies can reflect the current state of affairs or a forecasted future state. They can be defined at broad or detailed levels of granularity, and used to support many different human capital programs.

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