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Support for the DoD Personnel Testing Program

Support for the DoD Personnel Testing Program

Department of Defense

Upwards of 300,000 young people take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), annually, to determine their eligibility for military service. Thousands more take the test in their schools as a vocational guidance tool. The ASVAB is a battery composed of various tests that measure verbal, mathematics, and science/technical skills and knowledge. It is arguably the most researched and used personnel selection and classification test in the world. In addition, DoD sponsors a variety of other tests for purposes such as assessing language aptitude and proficiency.

HumRRO personnel play an integral role in supporting the work of the Personnel Testing Division (PTD) of the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC). Through an indefinite quantities contract HumRRO provides DMDC with the scientific, technical, and analytic support services required to develop and execute studies supporting the Enlistment Testing Program (ETP) and Student Testing Program (STP), as well as new personnel programs, research and studies of force readiness and personnel policies.

Work performed under this contract includes the following:

  • Analyses of interest test scores, statistical modeling using Item Response Theory (IRT) methods, or other mathematical modeling techniques. Analyses of test scores and item characteristic curves, and examinee responses are also required.
  • Development of aptitude tests and interest inventories by providing Subject Matter Experts, Items Writers, and Test Administrators for the generation of and administration of experimental test items and interest inventories.
  • Programming and technical support work to write computer programs and perform systems' analytic work using various current, odern programming languages such as C++. Various system troubleshooting and equipment-related issues are also supported. Most programming work involves direct support of the CAT-ASVAB delivery system in its Windows version.
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