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Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO)
OPM-TMA: 20 years of exelence with HumRRO
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The Training and Management Assistance (TMA) program at OPM plays a critical role in
enhancing the effectiveness of federal government agencies.

HumRRO is proud to be a prime contractor offering services through the TMA contract.

As an OPM/TMA contractor since 1987, HumRRO is well-versed in TMA's mission and processes. We have formed a team, including members who have been part of our TMA team for many years, that will be highly effective in meeting the needs of OPM's clients.


For more information about HumRRO please contact:
Dr. Beverly Dugan
Vice President & Director
Employee Assessment and Development Division
Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO)
66 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 400
Alexandria, VA 22314

This Web page was developed to showcase examples of projects that have been conducted by U.S. Office of Personnel Management's Training and Management Assistance Program Vendors. This Web page and the solutions displayed here are not an endorsement or promotion of specific contractors or their products.